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I am the one and only Hot Mistress Desi! Once you speak with me, you will be in awe of the sweet nectar of Desiree. Talking to me you will experience the most pleasurable and passionate phone encounter you’ve ever had! I go from mild to wild, sensual to sadistic, hardcore phone sex Mistress or seductive vixen? I AM your ultimate FemDom desire.            

I am everything you will ever need, crave, or desire. I WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD. Are you ready to play? Cum to me on your knees and scream my name in ecstasy. I will own you, heart and mind, body and soul. I’m everything you dream of. I’m everything you need.

Are you strong enough to handle what this wicked Mistress can deal out? No man can tame me, though many have tried. I’m unleashed, untamed, wild and ready to handle anything you think you’re man enough to give. CBT is my passion. You’ll moan in pleasure while I test the limits of your pain. Come let me fuck you to within an inch of your pathetic life. You’ll beg for the honor of feeling my strap-on ream you to the depths of your soul.

not trusted anyone that much. Not enough to confess what your true and most twisted cravings are.

Thank goodness no one can read your mind. Your thoughts alone make you question your sanity. Why would anyone in their right mind think about such depraved little toys? Close your eyes and feel it. Feel those diseased thoughts pulling you down. You’re drowning in waves of feels you cannot stifle. At this point you’re ready to surrender but you still need that push.