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I Will Be online at :   6:00 am to 10:00 am

Today I Feel :   very shy

Languages I Speak:   Marathi,Hindi,English

About Me:   I am Mallika ……my age is 28 yrs … Welcome to my forum of relationships and sexual quries…. I can help u and solve yur personal matters like how to date, how to Do sex with vergin,, marriage matters , relationship with partner, sex matters, affairs and many other matters, important in life….. I m very experienced with full knowledge of sex and relationship….. Many guys loose girl as they don’t know how to propose her…. Many ladies loose their hubby as they don’t know how to satisfy there lovely hubby…. I can help u too slove this matters and tell u the reality and sychology of humans……. I cant give u medical treatment for anything but I can share my experience with u ….. U vill be happy to listen to my solutions

I will talk about:    sex guide and sex counsellor. Talk to me for any sex related issue with me. want to satisfy your girlfriend, keep your wife happy and away from your back, want girls run behind you for your dick, i have answers for you

What turns me on:    jab apka land khada kr sakti hu

What turns me off:    jab apka land zameen dekhega


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Location:   Pune

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